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Your Life. Our Priority.

Our Mission

We, at ProCare Physical Therapy, Fitness & Performance, strive to lead others into life change through daily deposits of Encouragement, Enthusiasm and Excellence. 

What we do

We provide cutting edge, scientific, individualized personal coaching services, group classes and nutritional guidance in a private facility setting for individuals of all ages to change their health, function, physique, and performance.

We use proven functional training methods that help you improve mobility, stability, balance, cardiovascular health, and strength. Our individualized approach focuses on equipping you to move safely, efficiently, and effectively. From the beginner to the advanced fitness member, our personalized approach will help you accomplish your fitness goals.

Why we do it

Our mission to lead others into life change is driven by our values of caring from the heart, it’s not about me attitude, and a fun-loving sense of humor with professionalism. Our integration with the movement specialists in Physical Therapy provides you with a safe, personal, and credible team of experts who are committed to your success. Your Life is truly Our Priority. 


  • Motivated

    Because I had specific mobility needs and a need to stay uninjured, I enjoyed working with my Coach.

    - Johnathan Westerfer
  • Strong & Proud

    The coaches at ProCare were the most encouraging aspect of this journey.

    - Jane Smith
  • Motivation

    I am the "me" that I knew that I was and could be.

    - Jenny Slater