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Sports Performance

Sharpen your athletic performance with increased strength, speed, endurance, balance, agility, and body control. With our on-going sports performance team training sessions and our collaborative approach with Athletic Departments, we work with individual athletes and teams to equip athletes to perform at their optimal levels.

Build Strength

Build Strength

Challenge and engage large muscle groups to build strength and power.

Get Faster

Get Faster

Refine acceleration and deceleration and promote speed, balance, and faster functional mobility.

Get Conditioned

Get Conditioned

Improve your speed, agility, reactivity, and flexibility with challenging and engaging sports conditioning workouts.

Prevent Injury

Prevent Injury

Experience our cutting edge injury prevention screenings that assess potential muscular-skeletal issues, as well as issues of asymmetry.

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  • Great Progress

    Personal training with a dedicated instructor has helped me work towards my objectives and make great progress.

    - Dr. Sid Sattur
  • Motivated

    I'm motivated by my weight loss! I feel better and I have such a great trainer, Moriah, to rely on and encourage me!

    - Dolly Johnson
  • Persistence

    The ProCare Team is super! Their ability to adjust my program due to a shoulder injury was top notch.

    - Dan Luchaco