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Corporate Wellness

Helping organizations build and maintain wellness programs for their employees.


Prevention is truly the best medicine. Many workplace injuries or pain can be prevented if you are proactive.

With routinely scheduled screenings for your staff, we are able to identify incorrect movement patterns and postures that can contribute to injury. Let our team of experts provide corrective exercises and strategies to diminish injuries, reduce costs, and promote wellness.


From goal setting, stress management, nutritional awareness, ergonomics to proper lifting and carrying techniques, our team is well equipped to educate your staff in the full spectrum of wellness. We provide scheduled wellness talks to instruct and motivate your team to think positive and live well.

Coaching & Support

Let our team collaborate with your organization to determine the best implementation for coaching and support. You will receive a scheduled health & wellness newsletter covering relevant and applicable topics. Our credible and knowledgeable wellness coaches equip your employees with the attitudes and behaviors that will foster and create a sustainable wellness culture.

“I think it’s great.Talking to a coach and getting advice from someone on the outside is really helpful.It makes you own up to your actions and keeps you accountable. When I first started, I thought it was all about fitness, but it’s so much more than that!”

- Gannon Associates Employee

Corporate Discount

Enjoy the benefits of fitness with our custom corporate membership packages. We provide organizational discounts to encourage and enable your employees to live FIT.HEALTHY.STRONG.

“The Wellness program brings a consciousness to all of us, an awareness of how to live healthier and what to do. The people here, as well as myself, seem more enthused and happy! You can really see the changes people here are making to live healthier.”

- Gannon Associates Employee


  • Athlete

    Since joining, I have gained 25 pounds of lean body mass and have gained massive amounts of strength in just six months. I feel healthier, more physically fit, and stronger mentally.

    - Aaron Veloz
  • Accomplish

    Now, I feel great! I have more energy, stamina and flexibility.

    - Herb Gery
  • Motivated

    Because I had specific mobility needs and a need to stay uninjured, I enjoyed working with my Coach.

    - Johnathan Westerfer